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Trance-formation of Day
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Find Ego in the Forest of Myself

It is full of natural beauty as well as danger. Nobody can trust it. Serpents, wolves, eagles, tigers, elephants, demons are there. Walking through is a risk. But anybody can depend on it.Im standing at entrance of your forest empty-handed. If you enter with bear-hands. Thinking that "I will not keep nothing else but my footprints there. I will bring nothing but romantic memories from it." Then you will find fireflies, frogs, sqirells, birds, monkeys, bees, flowers, fruits, water and air. When you are lost your way, my soul will guide you the bottom of the mountain. There you wil find a spring of heavenly water. When you drink that water egoistic shell will be dissolved and you will feel you are a part of the forest. Then you will never leave it.

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