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Trance-formation of Day

Trance-formation of Day
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One day I requested Lord Brahma

For a feather from his Swan

While I need to wear on my coat

But nothing happened......!!

I offered a Thulsi leaf to Lord Vishnu

To borrow a Lotus from his sacred pond

For make fragrance in my empty mind

But nothing happened.......!!!

Other day I prayed to Lord Shiva,

I asked him to destroy my loneliness

By the divine fire of third eye

But nothing happened...!

I met a person shivering without clothes

Suffering from frozen snow

I gave my coat to protect him from cold

He gave me a feather of swan.....!

Other day I found a patient lying

With a smelling wound

I treated him with my hands

He gave me a bloomed lotus..!!

One day walked down to the temple

A beggar was asking for food

I gave my meal to him

He gave me a Rudraksha...!!!

At the beginning....existing....ending....

I saw Thrimurthi....down to the earth

He was the same person I met every time

I knew one truth...about the life

It's Changing into transformation

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  1. Good picture!I like it!
    This is yoga.Work done with no concern or desire for the profit therefrom,purely out of love or from a sense of duty,is yoga.Sereve others,visualizing them as Divine souls.What do you think?