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Trance-formation of Day
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

In Between Time, Space and Life Stream

Every body struggles with time. Then they become stress. Competing with the time or swimming against the time stream also causes stress. Winning the space is another distress of human being. It is common in any person tries to keep or own a space for them. Therefore they challenge the nature or environment. Trying to analyse the life is another stupid attempt which can cause stress. Life is a chain of moments. It is a cycle of events. We need not to analyse it. We must be within the rhythm. Don't oppose it. Don't try to change the direction or speed. Because it is bound with time and space. If the life is distracted from time and space it will be lethargic and motionless. Let it flow in the stream. Observe it.>>> Try to understand it and feel it. Live inside the rhythm. Don't listen to the clock. Don't look at the calendar. Keep close to the nature's heartbeat.

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