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Trance-formation of Day
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miracles happens only when you believe it

If you pray to God for something incredible it will not happen. Because something incredible cannot happen. Therefore you should not expect exceptional events to happen through prayer itself. We must pray for only possible things. When something happens once it is not expected it becomes a miracle. It is only one of billion incidents happen in one moment. Life is a chain of such events. It is not always a bed of rose or crown of thorns. That's why you must not claim from your past. Most important is now and here. What is happening around you is a miracle. It may be in sky or in ocean or on earth. What is happening within you is a miracle. It may be in your blood vessels or brain or heart. The creation is itself a miracle. It is only humans hope to see miracles. No animal wants to happen miracles. Because they live according to the rhythm of creation. They believe it, respect it and accept it.

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