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Trance-formation of Day
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fishing freedom within you

Everybody wants the freedom. They are going after religions, gurus, preachers for their freedom. Some people meditate for freedom. They want to get free from all sorrows, worries, agonies, miseries and pains. Some people take alcohol, drugs for the same reason. But when the freedom is not there they become distressed. Freedom is like a fish. When it is in the water you can enjoy it. If you try to catch it nothing will happen. It will go away from you. Somehow if you catch you it cannot live in your hands because it needs water. Freedom is something to observe. Keep it in it's habitat and watch it. Don't try to trap it. It is your fault that if you think to own the fish. Don't worry because you couldn't catch the fish. Be happy because the fish is living there. Let it come and smile to you. Make your mind open water to come inside. Create a lake inside you to enable the fish to live. Make a path to flow the stream from outside to inside. It is only the same stream from inside to outside.

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