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Trance-formation of Day
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Aurora blooms only after darkness

Aurora is fantastic beginning of light. It is the primordial light which tries to come out of darkness. It is like a child birth. The light escapes from darkness is so beautiful and attractive. Aurora is so pure, vital and powerful. It gives breath to the life. It is the essence of vigour. It is the messenger of glamorous beginning of a living day. Aurora is born when the beauty of gorgeous moonlight in darkness is impregnated by dynamic sunlight. Therefore aurora is a mix of Sun and moon. Fire and water. Sky and earth. Aurora is nothing but father's soul in mother's womb. It is grown with mother's blood and father's breath. Mother's love and father's hope. When Aurora starts the journey nobody can stop. It will become a light of universe. It illuminates all sky. It goes around infinite cosmos. Nothing can limit it. Because it is Sun's life in moon's beauty. Moon's womb keeps with all efforts to give a comfortable birth. Aurora will grow up to Sun which makes the day.

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