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Trance-formation of Day
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Monday, December 6, 2010

See beyond the door...!

Everybody sees the door. Everybody finds the door. Everyody needs the door. But nobody will go through it. The door is open. Nobody knows the way beyond the door. They won't trust the parth. They only believe the door. They think it is a an opening to see the otherside. The door is diffrent from an opening. It is the starting point of the way. Next moment of rebirth. Cycle is repeating. Same thing is happening. It is the nature of life. The door is niether the enterance nor existing. It is just the door. somebody has to go through. May be it is the begining of the end or end of the begining. May be to the heaven or hell. But importnat thing is to open the door and go beyond the door. Door is a junction. Be strong enough to step across the door. It is your destiny. Take the challenge. Step to the path>

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