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Trance-formation of Day
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mind, Matter and Spirit

Soul is encaged in the body. Spirit dwells in matter. Mind creates the communication bridge between matter and spirit. Soul wants to be with cosmic nature (prakriti) and struggling to be free from the body. That's to go back to the creator. Soul's innate urge is to be with cosmic mass. It is like arrow, bow and string. Arrow doesn't want to be in the bow. It wants to be released from bow. Then only arrow gets it's potency to move. When only moving the real nature of arrow prevailed. In short it will become an arrow. But without sending arrow to forward the bow and string is inactive. Bow, string and arrow together make the moment. These three exist only to make the move forward. If you take these three separate nothing will happen. You must use mind, matter and spirit together to make the move forward unto the deliverance.

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