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Trance-formation of Day
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sun, Sky, Cloud, Mountain and Lake

Sky has no limits. It is infinite. Sun rays can reach to the outer limits of universe. But where is it? If you think only about the sun rays and it's direction you will be lost in thinking. Universe has no end. There may be many galaxies. Many solar systems. many suns. All of them are in the sky. Sky is the space where anybody can fly limitlessly. But if you think about sunlight with clouds and it's shadow you will be imaginative. Then you can think what is really presence. Because our minds are having limited capacity to think. We cannot think beyond that limit. It is more logical to think about speed of sun light, wave lengths and it's frequencies. But it is more creative to think about the heat, radiance and rainbow. Take sun, sky, cloud, mountain and lake together. It is more beautiful and practical. That's why we need to be more right-brain oriented. Sun is a god for somebody while it is a star to someone else. But to both of them sun is giving it's life-energy to survive.

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