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Trance-formation of Day
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Esoteric dance with wind's wings

We all have the rhythm of wind in our body. Movements are created by wind. Even in our cells movements are created by microwaves of wind. It is a basic biological vibration. This vibration is unified with cosmic wind. That is reflected in bird's wings. green leaves, butterfly wings, flower petals, snakes movements, ocean waves, snow storms, moving clouds etc. The problem is we are trying to o against these movements. We ignore and neglect existence of these natural movements. But our inner vital rhythm is dancing with this vibration. That is the origin of heartbeat. All our organs has their own vibrations. But only the heartbeat is audible. Cycle of pulse and other biological movements are keeping the body alive. Every cell has it's own movement. That is the ultimate endogenous rhythm of life.

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