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Trance-formation of Day
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The return of bad actions is inevitable

No body wants to go to hell. Everybody wants to go heaven. But nobody wants to die. Then why do you kill others? You may be wondered>>> But killing and supporting to kill is very similar. If somebody is killed for you means that you are extending your unintentional support to kill. If you eat meat is a supportive action to kill. Without killing nobody can eat flesh of other animals. Sometimes you have a choice. But fortunately these innocent animals have no choice other than being killed for your food. We think as humans we are superior than others. But if you go to a jungle you will be killed by a tiger or lion. If you swim in sea you will be killed by a shark. We are afraid to be killed. We like to live more. We love our life. But we take others' life for our life. Is it humane? Only difference between meat-eaters and carnivorous animals, somebody kills for us. We buy meat and keep it in a freezer. They don't do that. They only kill for their hunger. We kill for for craving.

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