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Trance-formation of Day
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fire Dragon born with silky flames

Fire dragon is not a cold, calm and quite creature. It is full of flames. It can burn all other creatures. But when it is born with silk flames it can wrap all other with love and kindness. Fire can be converted into snow flakes by love and fashion. Communion of these two elements is found originally in human beings as well as primordial cosmic soup. Universe begins with water and fire. Expansion and contraction. Human life is created with these two elements. Agni (Ovum) and Soma (Sperm). It is the symbol of synthesis and homeostasis. When fire dragon kindle it's flames kindness of heart can wrap these flames with silkiness. Then it will become conjunction of a new life and new stream of thoughts. No element is alone. They are together. It means physically, mentally and spiritually synergistic to each other. That's real marriage between cosmic energy. Shiva and Shakti. Fire dragon is born for me and it can live with me forever.

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