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Trance-formation of Day
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New house for new light of life journey

Changing house means that need to change the direction of life. House symbolizes physical life. It is bodily attachment to the ground. The light inside the house is self. It will show the correct direction of life journey. Houses can be built. But light cannot be created. Houses can be changed. But light cannot be changed. In any house light will survive. It may be a small house or big house light is keeping it boundaries. Light will be spread out of house. It means that house is living. Somebody can trust that house. Therefore house must keep windows opened. Light will go out. Wind will come in. Wind will keep the light more alive. The light will clear the path of life journey to step on consciously. Light means mindfulness. That will guide you to investigate your life goal. Once you are lost the way you can be back to your house through this light.

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