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Trance-formation of Day
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Glory of Morning Star in Brighter Day

Once the inner soul is mourning for a brighter day glorious morning star appears with all inspirations. It is the Star of beauty, love, wonder, miracle, hopes and prosperity. This brilliant star is creating a path to heaven. It shows the real sense of kindness. It shines in warmly embrace of love. One can feel it's warm, pure and sensitive heart. It makes the sparkling shine at conjunction of sun, earth and sky. Glory of morning star coming from Vedic period with hymns of great sages speaks the truth of life. It is the symbol of begining of day. It connects the night and and day. Sky and earth. Moon and sun. Fire and water. Winter and summer. It means starting the life cycle. It gives the nectar of hopes to all creatures. It touches the angels, fairies and divine beings. It is the messenger of transformation.

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