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Trance-formation of Day
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter full moon begins with long nights

Imagine above you the round glowing disc of the winter full moon, bathing you in a protective circle of light dissolved in water. Vibrant with energy, your space is transformed, filled with the purity of spirit. Stand and raise your arms above your head. Let your palms face each other and curve slightly toward the moon. Feel as though you’re a sacred chalice, drawing the power of the Great Mother into every cell of your being—from your toes, to your womb, to your breasts, and your eyes. Feel the pleasure of this energy that goes to your blood. Feel that you have become the goddess, capable of balancing the earth and harmonizing its opposing forces. Read the affirmations and visualize the world’s darkness dissolving with your breath. Find a comfortable rhythm and repeat the statements until your light has transformed the world. See the world transforming with this light, growing peaceful and calm. Send your divine light deep into the earth under water which protects your inspirations. See this energy take shape as a round full moon, gathering below you in the center of the earth. Rest in this peace until you are ready to return to your life within little fairy.

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