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Trance-formation of Day
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let me Impregnate Your Natural Self

If somebody tries to change some one else's self it is impossible. But you ca change yourself by implanting the need of change in your self. I can give you the "seed of Change". You must plant it in your heart. If you cultivate it and give it good nourishment it will grow up. Make your heart is a healthy land for my seed. Your good thoughts are sunshine for the coming up seedling and it can feel the warm of your inner self. Your kindness is watering it and roots are going so deep into your insight. Then it will make my reflection in your self. You will find me in your mirror-self. What you think is me...! What you see is me...! What you hear is me..! What you smell is me....! What you taste is me....! What you feel is me...! What was you is me...! What will you be is me...! Believe me....! I can change you and your self to a better life. Let me impregnate the natural self within you.

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