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Trance-formation of Day
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forgiveness is a holy stream from heaven

Even if you say the word "sorry" it doesn't say that you really feel sorry or honesty you want to apologize. Whereas we tell "take it easy" or "nothing to worry" it doesn't really mean the same. Words are created only for expressing our ideas or thoughts>>> We use them sometimes without real commitment. We are victims of words. When the words and mind are disconnected we become dishonest and unreceptive. If somebody can really forgive for any human error it is a divine act. But nobody exists in such capacity in human world. That's why we need a God to forgive. We believe only God will forgive for our sins. We believe the world is originally created with sinful beings. That is also taken for granted by ourselves to do wrong things. But human nature is erratic and uncertain. They are not capable of understanding right and wrong exactly abstracted from their cultures. Therefore some revenge and some forgive for the same action. But all of them believe in GOD because they want to go to Heaven.

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